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Professor-Essays is a leading academic writing services provider situated in New York. For years our company has been delivering top quality products to dozens of thousands of people around the world.



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Ryan Smith

I’ am currently a    student at Minnesota State   University, Mankato. I   was falling behind in   one of my classes,   Economics, because of    the amount research I   had to do for my other classes, one of which was Philosophy. I was in a tight jam in the first semester and needed someone to edit my work. Professor-Essay was able to help me with finishing off my term paper for economics. They were very helpful and provided a great customer service! I highly recommend them!

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Hi guys. I’m attending the University of Hawaii-West Oahu. One of the classes I’m taking is History. The assignments that are issued in this class take up a lot of time, too much time. Luckily I found Professor Essays online, they were able to write me a draft which helped me produce an awesome paper for my mid-term!

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I’m a high school student in Australia. I left my Macbeth essay until the night before and obviously needed help. Professor-Essay was able to help me out of a huge crisis. Thanks Professor-Essay for bailing me out! 

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Shaun Brown

As a business student, organization should be one of my top priorities. Unfortunately that is not the case. I was struggling with one of my marketing modules and couldn’t find the time to research for my assignment over Christmas. I was able to find a great service in Professor-Essay. They were able to produce a great piece of work in 2 days! Also they had a friendly customer service team who answered all of my concerns!

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Russell Stevenson

I’ am a British student studying at Manchester University studying psychology. It is already a demanding course to get through. So much of your time has to be dedicated to attending classes, reading and researching relevant sources. The people at Professor Essay were able to help me out with one of my assignments during my first year. I was legitimately happy with the results.   

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I’ am an international student studying in the U.K. I was unable to get regular help in my classes from my lecturers. They didn’t offer any language support for students in my position. Thankfully I found a great service in Professor Essay. They were able to fill the needs that my University could not. 

Buy an essay Michael Farmer

I’m an American student studying at Central Virginia Community College. I found Professor Essay very helpful when I needed someone to help me write my analytical essay on Martin Luther King and Ghandi on their similarities on democracy. They were able to do the research and provide a list of sources where they based their argument on. So thank you, Professor-Essay! 

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Mark Rivers 

Awesome service!! Highly recommend these guys!

Professor Essay was able to help me with my research paper in Marketing. I was finding it difficult with the work load in my freshmen year at UCLA. Thankfully I found Professor Essay who was a tremendous help. Thank you for helping with my paper!  

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Justine Madison

I’ am studying in New Zealand and they helped me out within a few days of placing my order. Their customer service was so helpful in tracking the progress of my assignment. Great Service! Thanks!!!! 

Being in the market for more than 20 years, with a progressive development, we are an international leader in customized writing services.

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Professor-Essays is a leading academic writing company situated in New York. The company provides top quality writing services to millions of people around the world. Our management team comprises of well-known academicians and professionals in all the fields with more than 15 years’ experience in their various sectors. With a very strict quality control policy for the writing services, our company has become the most reliable and quality oriented academic writing company in the world.

Being in the market for more than 20 years, with a progressive development, we are an international leader in customized writing services. The progression has made it possible for delivery of quality writing services, with excellent 24/7 writing consultants operating customers’ support. We offer writing services including ‘‘write my essay’’, academic essay writing, essay- writing guide, essay reviews, help writing essays, good essay writing, tips for writing an essay, cheap writing essays, research paper writing, term papers, and online tutors, among many others.


Our business depends entirely on customer’s satisfaction, so we take originality of writing services extremely important! There is no chance at all that the work we produce may be somehow plagiarized! Our strict quality control policy eliminates any chances of plagiarized work. This is what we guarantee!


Professor-Essays have some of the best academicians on the web creating original content for our clients. Each of them has proven their ability to accomplish top quality written essay projects at any academic level. Over 22% of our writers hold a Ph.D. or a Master’s degree and are dedicated towards quality academic writing services! We have over 50 professors in different disciplines working for us, thus, making Professor-Essays as one of the few writing service providers that actually keep the promises that it makes to customers and delivers cheap essays and good essay writing. Our writers are paid the highest salaries in the industry, so they’re very motivated, and they value their places within our establishment to deliver top quality writing services.

We operate under a strict quality control policy. If a writer obtains over 2 or more complaints within a calendar year of their writing services, they will get penalized and fined. We take our academic writing services efforts very seriously! Most of our

writers are available 27/4 so they can produce top quality writing work for you in as little as 6 hours. If you want to see what kind of material our writers can have a quick glance at our free samples. They were all written by our writers!

... If we agree to a deadline, then we always complete the work within that time. To know further about our writing service, contact our 24/7 customer support team.


We have been nominated for 5 years in a row for “The best customer’s service in educational sector in the US”. We have a walk in policy in place so come on down and meet the team whenever you like! We have a friendliest customer support team on stand by and our team of writer’s is composed of professional academics! 

Our customers support team members undergo a compulsory two month training program before they’re allowed to deal with clients.

We pay highest salaries in the market that along with generous bonus scheme allows us to get the best people in this field.If you require anymore information on how the service works or general information of what you can expect, please look at our FAQ page. If your questions are still unanswered after reading our FAQ's then please give us a ring. You will find our contact details at the bottom of this page.


The services that we provide are legal. There is no law against what we offer students. There is a lot of controversy against these types of services because of the reputation some companies have gained through their years of servicing this product. At Professor Essays we always put the customers first. We understand the amount of trust placed upon us with each assignment given to us to complete. We put every ounce of our resources into helping students. This is why it’s not cheating. We’re service who wants to help students, who struggle with student life. No one prepares the average student for the difficulties that lay ahead in university. Furthermore they do not offer much help during this level of education because the vast amount of students that attend each course. This proves even more of a problem for international students who not only have to adapt to this problem but also overcome language barriers too. This is why it’s not cheating because we provide great helpful services that will aid students through their courses. Another reason why we don’t classify our service as cheating is because we don’t expect anybody to submit the work produce by our professional writers. All material created by our company we deem as another source for students to use for their own original work. Of course we cannot guarantee that all of our customers will abide by this rule. We try our best to create an educational friendly service for all users without encouraging cheating!

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