Tips to avoid plagiarism
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Plagiarism. It’s a concept that sends shudders down students’ spines and puts sour looks on professors’ faces. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of unintentional plagiarism when you begin your essay.  First, get to know what exactly the  plagiarism is and what the best ways to avoid it.


Get Acquainted with What Plagiarism Means

 Plagiarism can be defined as a deliberate or reckless representation of another’s thoughts, ideas, words as one’s own without attribution.” It’s likely that you’ve paid attention to the word “reckless”.  Yes, you may be caught in plagiarism even if you didn’t mean taking someone’s work pretending it to be of your own.


Create a Thorough Outline

An essay is supposed to include your ideas and that’s why it should not be just a collection of other people’s research. Make sure you outlined your paper carefully before you start writing. In the outline, separate the ideas of your own you and those from external sources. Assign an abbreviation to each of your sources and in the course of writing you may jot abbreviations down next to the ideas that you pull from each one.


Cite Your Sources

Double-check your bibliography before turning in you paper. That is to make sure that you didn’t miss to include all the necessary information in a proper order. Despite the fact, that some programs can generate a bibliography automatically, still you have to be sure that you input the right information.


Scrutinize Your Sources

What sources do you use for your sources? To avoid plagiarism, rely only on reputable sources. Take a look at these few things to look for when you’re deciding if a source is worth your time:

•    Is the author an authoritative voice in that particular field?

•    What organization is this author affiliated with?

•    Are there a lot of technical errors in the writing?

•    Is the information up to date?

If you have any uncertainties about the integrity of a chosen source, take your research elsewhere.


Don’t Write Blind

You may start “writing blind” if you’re in a hurry — that is to type out information using phrases or words that belong to other people without realizing what you are doing. If you combine your ideas with another writer’s ideas, make it clear where each single idea comes from.

Forget about your essay for a while after you finish it because this is the best way to avoid writing blind.

Plagiarism is serious business.  Share your tips or tricks that you use to ensure the integrity of your writing?


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